Hotel Górski Czarna Góra

Hotel Górski Czarna Góra

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We offer  2-3 bed rooms and 4-5 family apartaments in Hotel ( BB and HB)

Prices Winter 2022/23

Prices pro person in DR for a day or 7 days stay.

Up to 6 days ( Price per person/day)
BB 33 €
B 42 €

7 days (from Sa.)
BB                           207 €
HB                           277 €

Single room 30% to 50% more. Children 3-10 years old 20 % rabat ( with at least 2 adults- own bed and meals) .Children up to 3 years 3 Euro a day.( wtthout sevices)
ing and Internet WiFi free.

Prices include also Children playing room ,table tenis, , skidepot with boots dryer.

Sauna and, billard are charged extra.

Info und bookings:

tel.0048 605101578

Cottage and Hotel Górski

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To slopes just 230 meters

To slopes just 230 meters

Ski Resort Czarna Góraa

Ski Resort Czarna Góraa